Journal for citizen science to launch in 2015

 A new peer-reviewed journal focusing on advancing the field of citiheader_leftzen science will be making its debut later this year. Citizen Science: Theory and Practice will bring together citizen scientist practitioners, researchers, educators, evaluators and many more in an open-access forum to discuss and share best practices for conceiving, developing, implementing, evaluating and sustaining projects that facilitate public participation in science. The journal is to be published by Ubiquity Press on behalf of the Citizen Science Association.

The journal aims to support citizen science by creating a centralized venue for the exchange of citizen science scholarship across disciplines. The hope is that citizen science will gain greater visibility and that key ideas can be included in the growing organization of academia rather than being shared narrowly among dispersed groups of citizen scientists and their networks.


Researchers who are conducting projects using citizen science are encouraged to submit their findings to the appropriate discipline-specific journal and to use the keyword “citizen science”.  Through publication scientific findings resulting from citizen science can then reach the scientific audiences in relevant disciplines and help to advance the field.

Categories for submission include:

Research papers–Quantitative and qualitative research about the practice of citizen science, such as how learning outcomes differ among models of citizen science, how various features of project design yield high-quality data, efficacy of various participant recruitment models; effectiveness of varied technologies for implementing and facilitating projects

Review and Synthesis papers–Overviews with meta-perspectives of significant topics in citizen science such as conceptual or theoretical reviews or syntheses

Case studies–Reports that provide evidence of how projects fare at meeting their intended outcomes for education, conservation, research, policy;

Essays–Perspectives on issues in citizen science, particularly new ideas, controversial perspectives, and highlights of hot topics.

The journal also will include editorials, book reviews, and conference reviews, but these articles generally will be invited by the editors.


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