Verily Challenge: Refining Truth in Big Data

We live in the Information Age.. or the Disinformation Age. Finding out the truth in the vast amounts of contradictory information is becoming increasingly difficult for each of us. Can a coordinated collective effort be effective in quickly discerning true answers to key questions?

Please help us to find out through participating in our event this Saturday, July 12 and Sunday, July 13th.  No experience is necessary!

Visit for more information on how to participate.

Accurate information is life-saving in extreme situations such as natural disasters. This fun challenge is a pilot to prove feasibility of timely verification. The same platform will soon be used to gather evidence during natural disasters, which will enable more effective disasters response. Your participation will help design the best platform.


We designed the Verily Challenge to test this. We will post questions, like the examples below, on the platform covering different locations around the world.

Examples are:

  1. Can you prove that a displayed picture was taken from London Bridge this morning?
  2. Are there any skateboarders on the Burnquist Mega Ramp today?

You will earn points and observe the collective progress as the competition goes on. Best participants will be acknowledged with certificates.

Have a question in mind? Send it to us and we may include it in the competition.

Enter your email to be notified of the Verily challenge at

If you have any questions or comments before the challenge please email:


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