Rise of the Lone Wolves

Check out a fascinating piece by Gabriel Weimann, a fellow with the Wilson Center, looking at the phenomenon of “lone wolf terrorism.” Using the Medium platform to pull together Tweets, video, photos and quotes, Weimann looks at how a new generation of terrorists is becoming radicalized on the Internet and how to track these lone wolves before an attack.


“Lone wolf terrorism is the fastest growing kind of terrorism,” writes Weimann. “Recent studies reveal an increased number of countries targeted by lone wolf terrorists, an increased number of fatalities and injuries caused by lone wolves, higher prevalence and success rates for lone wolf attackers than for other types of terrorism, and increased targeting of military personnel.”

Weimann has been studying terrorism and the Internet for more than 15 years.  He further talked about this phenomenon with the Wilson Center’s John Milewski for the NOW program.


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